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As we know, academic degrees are the stepping stone to social and financial success.  However, the current financial recession has taught us that general degrees are not marketable.  There are many who had been employed on community and school projects which have been eliminated by the government’s cost cutting.  Thus FPF has been focusing on assisting those who are studying professional courses and advanced degrees, particularly nursing, social work and second degrees in educational counseling.  The scholarships average UK£2000/US$3,500 each.  Unfortunately we have a waiting list for scholarships.
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Special Projects
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Individual Needs

When a grade 6 Ethiopian student in Netanya drowned, FPF launched its SWIMSAFE project to teach Ethiopian youngsters aged 8-12 to learn how to swim. FPF provides the lessons, the transportation, the bathing suits, goggles, towels and sports bags free of charge to the children (Total cost: $275 per child). During the past three summers, FPF has taught almost 80 children to swim. Now that they have this life-saving skill, these youngsters will not drown. Many requests have been made to help more children learn to swim.
An English library has been opened, stocked with appropriate reading material, and English-related activities are on-going. A well-equipped playground and an educational play area have been provided through FPF by overseas donors. These are used during and after school times.
Since summer camp is one of the basic features of Israeli life, we feel that Ethiopian children should also experience it. The cost, however, is prohibitive for most Ethiopian families. We endeavor to assure that as many Ethiopian children as possible have this experience by subsidizing the costs. This year we managed to help youngsters. However, we have not been able to reach all of them and more funds are needed to do so.

Bar/Bat  Mitzvah Party

When we have a sponsor, we hold a Bar Mitzvah Party for ten of the more needy boys or girls who would not otherwise have a Bar Mitzvah celebration.  We provide a venue and each child is entitled to have 10 family members or friends there to celebrate with them.  In addition, we give each child a gift – this year we gave each of the 10 girls a laptop to help them in their studies and for their enjoyment.

There are some occasions when we feel that one specific person or group needs special help to further himself in life.  In this capacity, we have supplied special medical equipment and medications.,  or on a happier note, purchased clothes for a school trip to Poland, provided music lessons, purchased electronic dictionaries, and more . 

The Forgotten People Fund

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